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$200 Valentines Day Personalized Canvas Art GIVEAWAY

$200 Valentines Day Canvas GIVEAWAY … for the sweetest couple with a GREAT story.

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED – Congrats TASHA for your story about Drew and Michelle! They won the $200 Canvas from Geezees … thank you to everyone who entered – I LOVED reading all your stories!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art is hosting a GIVEAWAY valued at $200 (US residents) for a custom 20×20 Geezees Custom Canvas using your photos and words or word art only.

(for NON US residents: International Customers will receive a $200 gift certificate to use at www.Geezees.com)

Decorate your walls with a keepsake that shows off why you picked the LOVE of your life. Canvas possibilities are endless …

I am asking people to nominate a couple (or themselves) that deserves to win this very romantic gift.

Couples that have a great story, been married for 50 years, long lost loves, have a cute story on how they met, couples that overcame the odds, unique proposals … you get the idea …

DO YOU KNOW A GREAT COUPLE? Pass this on to them and they might win!

Be Creative.  You can nominate yourselves or another couple. Pass this on to other couples as well and let’s celebrate “LOVE” this Valentines Day season.

I will pick the winner and announce it here this blog post January 30, 2013.  Then we can start right away on creating YOUR custom art together, so you will have it by February 14th ….

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TO ENTER…RULES are simple:

1.  In the comments section on this blog post, TELL me your story of  WHO you are nominating and why.

MAKE SURE to leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner.


2. You must repin or POST this link on A SOCIAL MEDIA site, like: PINTEREST , FACEBOOK, TUMBLR .. you get the idea ..and in your comment here TELL me where to look for repost.

(to make it easy there is a SHARE button below … so you can share to the social media site of your choice!)


That is ALL there is to WIN YOUR OWN or GIVE the GIFT of  A GEEZEES to the special couple.

Looking forward to reading these great LOVE STORIES …



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  • I am nominating my brother & sister-in-law (Mike & Gretchen) for this contest because they have the sweetest love story!! They first met in church pre-school. Gretchen was curios about this rebel Mike from the first time he tried to “break out” of pre-school. They connected again in high school and had a fleeting teen romance – carving their initials in her childhood home. Fast forward a few years and they started dating for real… but Gretchen broke Mike’s heart and chose another guy. A while later, she realized that she chose wrong. She & Mike were meant to be, so randomly called him. They have been together ever since! Mike is still a bit of a dare-devil (he’s a firefighter) but has settled down a lot. They were married in St. John in 2010 & had a little boy last April. Their childhood crush turned into a full fledged romance with a fairytail ending!

    See my shared link here:

  • My husband and I met by chance at a bar. I was 21, waiting to meet up with a friend to go out for the night, but had just found out her babysitter had cancelled. He was 26, out with his friends to play pool. He came over, asked if he could buy me a drink, and we ended up talking for hours. He gave me his number, and we parted ways. The next day, I lost my phone. We each spent the next week looking for each other. I found him first, by actually finding his house. I left a note in his door, and he called me that evening. We have spent every single day together since then. Everyone said it would never work, we met in a bar and he had 2 kids from his last relationship. We actually ended up realizing that we had more than likely crossed paths during our childhood, my grandmother lived around the block from him. He was 4 1/2 years older than me, though, so we just never noticed each other. But we met in that bar on April 11, 2008, reunited April 20, 2008, and got married July 11, 2009. We now have 2 kids together, and this year marks 5 years together. I am so thankful my friend wasn’t able to meet me that night!

  • Sorry, forgot that I shared on my facebook page!!

  • I am nominating my parents, Bill and Nancy. They have been married 33 years and have been through so much. The met in their early 20s as lifeguards at a local resort near the towns where they grew up in Northern California, after 7 years of dating they married and started our family. My parents have traveled across the country adding children along the way. Pennsylvania, where I was born, Arkansas, 3 brothers were added here, before arriving in Washington where my mother went into labor with the youngest boy the night we arrived. My parents have been through moves, cancer, career changes, homes, and five children, always thinking of other first. They didn’t get a honeymoon and we haven’t had a family portrait for decades, a few siblings are missing from the one on the mantle. I love them for all they have done for us and the patience and love they have had throughout their lives. This would give my family a chance to give our parents a Valentines gift just for them in a way they would never do themselves.

    Posted on facebook

  • Brittany Boardley Renaldi

    I am nominating my best friend Trista and her fiance Sean! I was there the night that they met and I knew right then that they would get married one day. After nine long years, he proposed to her last month! I would love for her to win because she deserves nothing but the best!


  • My husband and I will be celebrating our fith anniversary on the 22nd of January. When we first met we completely locked our eyes while walking out of a restroom in a restaurant. We then both intentionally went to the bar and order drinks. We talked all night and set a date for that weekend. He had other plans and cancelled them just to be with me and we’ve been together ever since. He’s beautiful!

  • I am nominating my sister Carla who has 2 beautiful babies and no canvas print of them. We took a lovely photo on the farm she would adore debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  • I would love for my best friend in the world and her husband to win this. My friend is a soldier in the Army and she does so so much for our country and her family her husband was also in the Army. I am trying to get this entry in before it closes I have so much more to say about her. She IS wonderful and her bday is coming up I would LOVE to give this to her. God Bless and thank you for the chance to win

  • I am nominating 2 of my best friends that I have known my whole life. They are the best couple I have ever meet. They make sure to go out of there way to help everyone in there life and I feel they deserve this more then anyone else. We all grew up in the same little country town Sarah and I are the same age and Matt is a few years older. We always knew him as the red headed bully on the bus. He would always pick on us and steal Sarah’s diary, it was always out of fun nothing ever mean!. As we got older and went through school Sarah and I were always close and Matt of course was older and went on his own way. Our senior year in high school Sarah joined our local voluntarily fire department, just so happened Matt was on the same department. They insistently reconnected and from then on their relationship became stronger and stronger. They ended up buying a house together and started their own little family (of puppies lol) Matt stated his own business and is very busy with that. Sarah always is always working hard helping people and being very involved with Mary Kay beauty products, and on top of all they do they always made sure to find time to have get together for all of our friends all summer long. After being together for 6 years Matt finally proposed to Sarah and they planned a very beautiful wedding happened this past summer. Now here is the big reason I want to nominate this couple. About a year ago Matt’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Even though she was one of the strongest women we all knew raising her amazing 3 boy it was quite the fight for her. She ended up passing away only 3 weeks before the date Matt and Sarah were going to get married. Since everything happened so fast his mom didn’t have anything planned or anything set aside to help pay for the funeral and with the way times are now a days his brothers were tight with money with just buying a house and raising their kids, so Matt stepped up no questions asked not even thing twice and paid out of his pocket for the entire thing so no one else in his family had to worry about it. Now keep in mind Matt and Sarah didn’t have all the money in the world either Matt just started up his own company and Sarah worked a office job and did her mary kay and on top of that they were paying for their own wedding. But not once did they stop and think anything of it. Everyone thought they should post pone their wedding but they knew his mom would not want that so they went on with the very emotional wedding and celebrated finally being a married couple after all the years together. I really would like to do something nice for this couple that always puts family and friends before them self and for once give them the thank you for being such wonderful people.

  • I met my husband at a bar in 2008 when I was 23 and he was 25. We went to see our mutual friend’s band play. Even though we knew a lot of the same people we had never met before. Immediately when I saw him I knew I was going to talk to him before the night was over. It was the strangest feeling. I never believed in love at first sight but this was the closest thing to it I’d ever experienced.

    After talking for a while I finally realized why he looked so familiar to me. Turns out he is my boss’s son! I had seen pictures of him on her desk before.

    We exchanged numbers and planned to get together. I had recently ended a previous relationship and my friends were telling me I needed time to be single. So thinking it was too soon, we lost touch for about a month. We were both miserable but he told me he would give me time. Wondering why I was doing this to myself when I knew we both wanted to be together, I called him and we met up the next day. We have been inseparable ever since.

    We got married March 31, 2012. We have a beautiful one year old son and couldn’t be happier.

    I shared this story on Twitter.

  • I would like to nominate Drew & Michelle Wattier, a couple I have actually only met once but whom many (including my sister) people within my inner circle know very well. They best way I can describe this couple is exactly how they are described in the website that was created in their honor as they both fight for their lives after having been in a terrible hit & run accident while vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico.

    “Their “love story” began when Drew and Michelle were 13 years old. They have grown up together since then, graduated college together, became partners in life together, have become successful in their careers together, traveled together and most importantly loved their family and friends with a fierceness that is unmatched.” – http://www.teamwattier.com website

    After the accident they were immediately cared for at a local hospital in Mexico and later transported seperately to a hospital in San Diego where they both have continued to undergo multiple surgeries and procedures to better their chances toward a long road of healing and recovery.

    They have had friends and family come along side them in ways that are unimaginable. It has been incredible to see the outpouring of love and support surrounding this couple. Recently, as reported on the Facebook page created to help friends and family stay up to date with their progress, both Drew & Michelle have been moved to a care facility in Portland, Oregon. (Oregon being their home state.) They both were able to hold hands for the first time in 44 days!

    Their love story continues, and as they fight for each other, their friends, family, and people with genuine caring hearts have rallied together to begin to raise funds to help what is and will continue to be a financial hardship of medical costs beyond what their insurance will cover.

    The reason I am choosing to nominate this couple is for multiple reasons:

    1. I believe the love story of Drew & Michelle far exceed the expectations of this contest in the sense that it IS a great love story, and they have already over come so many odds just in the past 44+ days.

    2. If chosen, I will present the prize to the family and allow them to design it how they desire with the picture of their choice and later use that photo in their hospital room as a reminder of strength and love between them and what they are ultimately fighting for their lives for. Each other.

    In the meantime, I encourage all who read this, to go to the Drew & Michelle xoxo Facebook page and “Like” the page to show your support and follow up on their progress and road toward healing! I guarantee you will be inspired by their love story. I obviously have been.

    Thank you for considering this entry!


    (I shared/posted this on Pinterest as per entry requirement #2 and pinned it to one of my boards but don’t yet see it… If you can’t either, and this entry is being considered, please feel free to email me and I can try to re-pin it again. I tried twice so hopefully it worked!)

    • Can I second this nomination? I used to work with Drew & came to be friends with both him & Michelle, there isn’t a more deserving couple out there than these two!

  • I would like to nominate myself and my new husband. We got married just three months ago on the south shore of Long Island, NY on what was the most beautiful fall day. It was the most amazing wedding day, followed by the start of an amazing honeymoon. A few days into the honeymoon we started seeing reports of this storm that was going to hit Long Island straight on from the south with our house being in the direct impact zone. Then we saw reports of the full moon and high flooding with our house being again in those flood zones. Then we saw the airports closing and were unable to get home to prepare our house and save our belongings. We sat helplessly across the country as our town was flashed on the news with over 5 feet of water sitting on our streets, in our homes and ruining everything we owned. Our house was inaccessible to family and friends for days until the water receded. Then we got the phone call that the entire first floor of our house had been flooded — this included everything from our wedding. The photo book that all our guests had signed was found across the room with water still held in the pages, the custom made family crest I gave to my husband was soaked, gifts were ruined, mementos were gone. It was another week before we could get home and start cleaning up and to find a place to stay. This was just the beginning of the chaos to come.

    I could write for hours on the constant heartbreaks and headaches that came following the storm, but the point is that my husband and I have faced challenges in the first few months of our marriage that many couples don’t face in 20+ years. We have been living out of boxes, relying on family and friends for a place to live for us and our 2 dogs. With no privacy and no life of our own, things have been tough. All conversations have to do with cleaning up, the house, money and what are we going to do? There’s no romance and no “newlyweds” excitement that we had hoped for. While we are not ones to “air our dirty laundry,” I am writing because I would love to be able to give my husband this beautiful piece of art to remember that most amazing day before our lives got turned upside-down. And although we are still living out of boxes and staying with family, I want to remind him that we will get to that happy place again.

    I posted this link on my pinterest in the wedding board.

  • I would like to nominate my daughter Jessica and her fiancé Dustin. Words cannot explain my feelings for these two. My daughter Jessica has dreamed of her wedding day since she was just a little girl and after a few failed long term relationships she finally found Mr. Right!! Dustin purposed to Jessica Christmas 2011 and they will be married in August 2013. My heart is overjoyed with happiness for these two! We as a family, my husband Rick, Jessica, and me have been through hell and back together. Rick and I had 2 beautiful children, 2 daughters Janie and Jessica. In June 2000 our oldest daughter Janie was in a terrible automobile accident and she was killed this happened when she was only 17 years old and 5 days before her high school graduation. Jessica was only 13 and instantly became an only child. The years to come were very rough for all of us; we continually hold each other together. Jessica has been through several relationships that did not work out and each time is was devastating, losing someone all over again. 4 years ago she met Dustin and he has never left her side, he is such a wonderful young man, and he loves Jessica unconditionally! I am so happy that she will be starting the next chapter of her life. I know that I’m not losing my only child but gaining a son, and I could not be happier! I am hoping that in the near future I may even have some grandchildren. I would love for these two to receive a canvas print. I know it would be priceless to them and something they would cherish forever.
    Traci Webber
    I have reposted this on my pinterest board-wedding ideas :)

  • I am nominating my sister in law and her fiance. They are getting married in July of this year. He has a 6 year old son and Jenna is soo excited about becoming a mother to him. This would be a great piece for their new home. ;-)

    I shared on Pinterist-http://pinterest.com/pin/458945018246633060/

  • My husband and I!
    This year will be our 6 year anniversary!
    We met in 2007…
    I started talking to my best friends from high school again and hanging out with them more. My friend was still with the same guy, years later so I alteady knew him. What I didn’t know was that he had brothers! Our other friend had been telling me about how much she was into his brother, that I’d never met yet…We ended up going to a party and he showed up! I guess he was hitting on me the whole time, but I was pre occupied with another guy that night.
    Later, we hung out a couple times with our friends…
    He ended up calling me out of the blue and BEGGED me to go on a date with him!
    I kept turning him down, as my best friend really liked him…
    I actually thought he was goofy!
    I finally said yes, and we have been inseparable ever since!

  • There’s nothing unique or super cute about my husband and I that should make us stand out from any other couple but I absolutely adore this! Our house is all about the kids, everywhere you look it’s like we don’t exist in our own home and with a 4th on the way it’s only looking worse! Something like this would be perfect to display just as a little reminder of where it all started ya know! Just one section of one wall dedicated to us.

  • i would have nominated my parents for all they went through, however my mom passed away in 2005 and daddy in 2008. they were together for 52 1/2 years and have been my role model. mark and i were older when we found each other, partly because of missed opportunities and partly because of responsibility. his dad passed away when mark was 13 and so had spent years putting his own wants to the side to help care for his mom who lives 2 hours away…he went so far as to purchase his childhood home because she was set to lose it. as for me, my mom contracted polio 4 years before i was born, in 1958, and was paralyzed for a short bit. by the time i finished college she was getting sick again, and by the time i hit 30 she was having strokes which eventually left her bed bound for the last 9 years of her life. daddy needed help and so i went home every weekend…until i turned 42, when she passed away. i always knew he was out there, just couldn’t find HIM! so i decided to go on yahoo personals one summer. at the end of that summer, i decided i had had a great time but i wasn’t going to find him on there….but i kept going back to one man thinking that he would never respond. i finally couldn’t stand it, sent him a message, and to my surprise he responded. we met 2 weeks later to play putt putt, and 6 months later he proposed. we were married in march 2008 on my mom’s birthday! i loved him then so much, but never did i think that i would need him so much so soon. daddy decided to have knee replacement surgery, sigh, and he did on july 3rd 2008. he was dead 4 months later having suffered stroke after stroke because of the surgery. his death was still a surprise as we was getting better, started driving again even. the anguish was so deep, i never got to spend much time with my dad and husband together, not even a christmas where i was married sitting with the two men i loved more than anything. everyday i woke up to drag myself to work, teaching, only to have my position eliminated 4 months later (i’m a school librarian, we’re always the first to go :) ) without him, i honestly don’t know how i would have made it. he is my rock, my world, and the only family i have close by. whether i win or not, i hope you enjoyed my story, cause i love to tell everyone how much i love my cutie patootie and how we met….on a personals site….which i’m sure my mom and his dad had a hand in as my membership was set to expire the following week and so was mark’s! we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary this march.

  • forgot to leave my email, sorry….


    laurie m.

  • My husband and I met in 9 th grade study hall. He was new to school, so my friend and I sat with him and chit chatted. Hear him tell the story and it was love at first sight. For me I knew he was someone special I would always have in my life, but I didn’t know how much. As years passed boyfriends came and went, but for tom there was only me. He was a best friend to me, someone to lean on, especially when a long term boyfriend broke up with me junior year. Tom started hanging around more and on one fateful “puddle day” he became mine. I drove my dads car into a giant puddle in a downpour ( he’d call it a lake, haha). He was my knight in shining armor and we became inseperable.I was his first kiss that day. In the senior book his mom wrote his hobbies as “wresting, driving and Meaghan”. We went to college together where he proposed at the butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls. We finally married at 23 and 24, and two little boys and an anniversary of 15 years together coming up, we are going strong. I love u baby!

  • I pinned, but not sure how to share the link,, my user name is megmcd423

  • My husband and I met as freshmen in college. I was his first girlfriend and he was my first boyfriend, and we absolutely love being able to say this is my one and only. We have been married for 10 years and have three beautiful children, and survived special needs, a job loss, 70lb weight loss (for him, not me, sigh), and many other minor crises. I know people scoff at the idea that God made someone just for you, but that’s honestly how I feel about him.

    • Sigh, forgot to say I pinned it to my pinterest page.

    • i agree….God does make that special someone for you if you are willing to listen and wait for them….which is what happened for my husband and myself. i wish we had had the same opportunity as you and your husband, to meet so young and it be right.

  • I am nominating myself and my husband. We have been married 6 months and this is our story. We met while studying abroad in Europe in 2008. I was studying nursing and him, architecture. We were visiting the Eiffel Tower and I overheard him tell someone he was from MS. My family hunts in MS, so i quickly became part of the conversation. Long story short, his moms house is across the street from where we hunt. After being back in Louisiana, we stayed friends and started dating. On April 1, 2011 he asked me to marry him and I said yes!! We were married on July 20, 2012 during a horrible day of flooding. The rain didn’t stop the love between us, but it did strand my photographer, who ended up missing the first half of our wedding reception. :(. Who needs pictures when you have each other right?? Unfortunately, I had decided to pursue my education during our wedding planning. I was accepted into grad school in Fort Worth, Texas. With an opportunity too great to pass up, I accepted. He is unable to leave his job in Louisiana, so we are currently living 6 hours apart. I will move back to Louisiana in August, but being away from each other is the hardest thing ever. We love each so much and I know this is only making us stronger and giving our future family more opportunities. He is working so hard to support both of us while I am in school. I would love nothing more than to be able to show him how much I am missing him. Writing our own vows was the most important part of the wedding to him, and I don’t ever want to forget why we married each other. We have been through so much together and would do anything to stand by each other. He spent countless nights staying awake with me when I’m scared of the weather, when I had to spend a week in the hospital, and helped me to become a better person. I’ve helped him believe in love again after his last girlfriend was killed in a car accident, helped him find the confidence, faith and joy he had lost in life. We would not be who we are today, without one another. Thank you so much for this opportunity. God Bless!!

    You can find my pin here http://pinterest.com/tiffanylynn7/

  • Id nominate my husband and I. We dont have a lot of pictures of just us, and I dont have any wedding pictures up either, this would be great in our bedroom! We have been together for over 11 years and it gets better as the time goes by. We are really in love, I think even more then before. Thanks for this beautiful giveaway.

  • A Tale of Two Weddings- A heartwarming story

    I am nominating my husband. From the time my husband Jason proposed, he wanted to have his grandfather as his best man for our wedding. This was going to be difficult as grandpop, at age 85, was just diagnosed with terminal cancer, and our wedding, was planned for the Dominican Republic in July of 2012. Questions had been raised about the legality of our Dominican, service so I came up with an idea that would give us the best of both worlds. I suggested a ceremony here in the United States a few weeks before we left for the Dominican, a small ceremony where grandpop can still be best man, and his wife also over 80, can be my maid of honor. They were so excited and honored to be asked, they could hardly wait for the day to arrive.

    As it turned out, having the best of both worlds is not as easy as it sounds. Grandmom ended up in Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ with complications from a 25 year long struggle with diabeties and grandpop was in a rehabilitation center recovering from recent knee surgery. With each passing day, grandmom kept getting worse and our opportunity to include both of them was running out. Thinking fast we changed the date of our state side ceremony to April 10, 2012, not just any random date, but grandmom and grandpop’s anniversary. This simple change brought tears to grandmoms eyes, again overcome that we would honor them this way. So our wedding day and their 64th wedding anniversary came and posed a whole other set of problems that we had to work out because they were in two different places. Neither of them had been out of bed in over a week. After some persuading the rehab center allowed grandpop out of their care for a few hours, so we surprised him when picking him up at the center. Can you imagine the shock on his face. Me in my wedding dress, my husband to be in a surprise tuxedo that even I wasn’t expecting and a limo. Grandpops time out of the rehab was to be kept minimal, so we quickly drove from there to Cooper Hospital (where grandmom was).

    We got permission ahead of time to use the Cooper Hospital chapel to hold our wedding service and we had a minister meet us onsite. While I was preparing for the wedding, Jason went up to grandmoms room and took grandpop with him. The two of them had not seen each other in over two weeks and if not for the lengths we went through to include them in our wedding, they would not have been able to see each other on their anniversary. Their reunion was so sweet. Grandpop in his wheelchair, looking handsome in his suit, holding flowers and a card for grandmom. Grandmom, in her wheelchair, in a beautiful green dress holding his hand telling him how much she loved him. It was a more important moment than our actual wedding.

    To icing our cake, the staff of Cooper Hospital had their own surprised planned. When the three of them arrived at the chapel, Cooper had setup a complete wedding ceremony with ballons, bubbles, cake, food and gifts. Word spread quickly and in a packed chapel of nurses and hospital workers our ceremony was small, heart warming, and sweet. Not only did we get married, but the minister included a small vow renewal for grandmom and grandpop in honor of their incredible 64th anniversary as well.

    With the help of the staff at both hospitals and our closest family members we pulled off a perfect day that gave us memories we will never forget.

    The obstacles overcome were minor in comparision to the chance to make this day special for all four of us. Sadly Frances, who will always be grandmom, my maid of honor, and the one that kissed my engagement ring when she found out, passed away on June 4, 2012. April 10th was the last anniversary they spent together, but to see the joy on their faces even when they were so ill, will always hold a place in our hearts. My husband was given the best gift of all, getting to have both of his grandparents see him get married and having a man that meant the world to him be his best man.

    When our Dominican wedding came, grandpop was too ill to make the trip. Thanks the Skype, grandpop did not miss out of any of the festivites. Ever thoughful of others, he surpised Jason with a speech he wrote as the best man, which Jason’s sister read at our reception dinner. Grandpop, Richard Jurgelewicz Sr, passed away on January 18th, 2013.

    Best Man Speech:

    Jason and Amy,

    Words cannot express the feeling I had when you asked me to be your best man at your wedding, that also goes for grandma. Both of us were highly honor, or should I say, very highly honored. To put the icing on the cake, you did it on our anniversary date, April 10. People today don’t stay at it that long, you have to agree on all of your plans, no one can be domineering. You will have a few minor spats but say your peace and forget it. Marriage is a fifty-fifty proposition. Let her have her say and you yours, then forget about it. Do not carry a grudge. That way you and her will be happy. When the time comes, you and your wife will make good parents and set an example for your kids, and your marriage will last as ours. I never regretting that I married grandmom, we had a wonderful life together, raising our kids, watching them grow and watching them become what they are today. They did very well in raising all of their kids and every one of them turned out to be excellent. Grandmom and I are very proud and love all of you. So have good faith in one another and I am sure you will have a long and lasting marriage, when both sides agree in everything you do. Marriage is what you two make it, no domineering.

    Best of Love,

    I pinned it on my pinterest page http://pinterest.com/pin/118571402661402818/

  • I am actually nominating myself and my fiance! 3 years ago I met him and instantly fell in “like” with him. He had a girlfriend at the time so, of course, he was off limits. Well, to make a long story short I witnessed his girlfriend at the time kissing another man at a party. I then told her, barely even knowing him, that she had just “ruined the best thing that could have ever happened to her” and that “he was the most amazing man and he deserved better”. Well, I guess 2 months later (not even knowing of what I did) he decided I was a better option. We have now been together almost 3 years and have a handsome 4 month old son. He proposed to me last year on my birthday at the top of the St. Louis Arch infront of everyone and I said ABSOLUTELY. We’ve been through everything together and I would love to win this for us.

    Thank you

  • I would love to nominate my husband and me–we are recently married and don’t have tons of money right now for extras like canvas wedding pictures :). We met in the Navy and both left our jobs to marry in October since our romance was forbidden, and were finally able to live in the same city after more than two years of extreme distance!. I would do it all again, and I copied and pasted my husbands version of our story from our wedding website since it still makes me melt :). Sorry so long! Spencer’s story:

    The first time I met Lauren it was 2008 and she was a nurse working on the med/surg ward at the hospital in Pensacola. I was immediately attracted to her. She left soon after for the holidays and a deployment, I stuck around Pensacola and made friends and worked at the hospital. After she got back from deployment I started seeing her around the hospital and was brainstorming a way to get her out on a date with me. With her being an officer and myself being enlisted, this was a no easy task. I would get my other friends to throw parties and bbqs to avoid the “fraternization” word being thrown around. In 2010 Lauren and I were slotted to deploy to Haiti, after a mix up all of the corpsman stayed behind and the nurses left, so once again I was let down. Finally Lauren returned and I was working as a “med-corpsman” and worked 3pm-11pm. I’d stay late and chat with Lauren after my shift. I was so attracted to her and wanted to take her out on a date sooo bad. One day Lauren was feeling a little sick so I begged her to let me bring her some Gatorade, but she is a bit snooty and wanted Powerade instead ;). I brought it to her and I knew the minute I walked in her apartment I knew I wanted to be with her. I felt like every minute with her made me a better person. Not long after I was going to a NASCAR race in Alabama, Lauren and I were texting back and forth about work related stuff and after a little bit of liquid confidence I asked Lauren out on a date. She said NO. haha I wasn’t too discouraged, she left room for a yes and I knew I had to be persistent. I wanted to go out with Lauren so bad. A few days later, I called her and we talked about how it would work out. Lauren was committed to moving to Virginia and not being attached. She said she didn’t want to date anyone she wasn’t going to marry. I told her she wouldn’t know that until she dated someone. I assured her I was totally worth it! In all seriousness, I thought that Lauren was so beautiful and smart and all I wanted to do was to be around her more and more. She is my best friend and the only girl I’ve ever loved. I’d do anything to keep her smiling. Lauren is strong and has every virtue to be the best wife and mother. I’m more than fortunate to be marrying her. May 24th 2010, I knew my friend Mike had an anniversary and would need a babysitter. I asked him to get Lauren to do it and I would come and help out, knowing this would buy me some alone time with Lauren so I could work my charm! We had a great time that night watching a movie, and a playing around with the kids. Finally after we got the kids to bed (at least I thought we did) Lauren and I kissed for the first time. Not knowing one of the kids busted us and snitched hahaha. After that Lauren and I started hanging out at each others apartments having date nights! We watched movies and had dinner and played board games. Our first real date I took Lauren to an “Outback Steakhouse” in Destin to avoid being seen by anyone we worked with. Jason Bourne dating! During all this time I knew that Lauren’s birthday was coming up in June, so I saved some money, and got us a limo to take us to “Ruth Chris Steakhouse” in Destin. I invited some close friends that knew of our situation and we all the best time! Lauren told me it was the best birthday she ever had. After that I knew I wanted to marry Lauren, she was the girl for me. Our friend needed a dogsitter/housesitter while they were away, so Lauren and I were over there feeding the dogs and watching a movie. After the movie ended it was late and we were in the driveway parting ways and I told Lauren she didn’t have to say anything back but I wanted to tell her that I loved her. This was the first time I threw the “L” word out there and she was a little shocked as expected. (someone actually broke into that house after we left, it was the last time we housesitted there hahaha sorry Will and Erin!) A few days later she ended up telling me she loved me on the phone lol. September came around and I knew Lauren had to move to Virginia, I was really sad but I knew it was the end of our beginning chapter. I knew what Lauren and I have built in the previous months was strong enough to beat distance and deployments. I constantly sent Lauren letters and cards. I always thought that with today’s technology (Facebook, email) that sending a hand-written letter was a little more personal and thoughtful. I still believe these were the “fuel to the fire” and kept us close over hundreds of miles. October came and I was still unsure what I’d be doing or where I’d be going. I applied to go back to Navy SEAL school and at the last moment it got denied so I went to a field medicine school in Oceanside, CA in preparation for being a platoon corpsman with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines. Lauren would visit me as much as possible as I couldn’t take leave during this school. We would go to the San Diego Zoo which became one of our favorite dates, mostly because it was FREE haha also because Lauren likes elephants and I liked watching monkies mess around. I finished the school and went out to Twentnyine Palms, CA and started my pre-deployment work up. I came home for Christmas and met most of Lauren’s family. I felt welcomed and knew right away I wanted to marry into this family. I loved all of them. Lauren came out to visit me the two weeks before I deployed. In March 2011 I called Lauren’s parents and asked permission to marry Lauren and they gave me the “yes”. I was just as nervous the day I went to Lauren’s apartment the first time. On March 27, I asked Lauren to marry me on skybucket 19 at the San Diego Zoo. She cried and said yes! She was totally surprised, she thought I was going to propose in some ball stands or movie theaters, she never guessed the zoo. Also thanks to Lisa I was able to put together a ring that is continually complimented and bought my graces from Lauren’s grandmother lol. Once again as I was dropping her off at the airport, I was sad and hurting, but I knew it was just the end to another good chapter and the start to another beginning with Lauren. I deployed to Afghanistan in April. It was slow at first but things picked up and bombs started to blow up and bullets started to fly. I thought about God, Lauren, my family and friends. Divine Intervention is the only thing that got me out of that place 100%. I wrote Lauren all the time. I missed her the way only deployed combatants miss their loved ones. This definitely put our relationship to the test. I knew if we could make it through this, that nothing in our future could break us apart. After I got home things were a little weird at first, it’s difficult to realize that as much as the marines and I have been through, it was just as hard for the ones we left at home. Luckily, it didn’t take long for us to get back to normal. I feel incredibly blessed to have the best woman on this planet marry me. I love Lauren more and more everyday. She makes me a better man and stands behind me right or wrong. Thank you Lauren for saying yes and wanting to be my bride. I think about you every day and I can’t wait to marry you!

  • I am nominating my beautiful Mother-in-Law, Patti. 6 days ago, she lost her husband, at the age of 53. This year would have marked their 33rd wedding anniversary. They met when they were both young, working in a hotel in New York. It pretty much was love at first site. Together, they have 3 kids, and family meant everything to my father-in-law. My father-in-laws death was so very sudden, and we miss him so much. Mom is trying so hard to stay strong for her kids, but she is a wreck. My father-in-law never liked taking pictures. We do have a a few recent pictures of them that I would love to make into something wonderful for a keepsake. She truly is an amazing person, and everyone who knows her loves her, and grieves with her. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, and letting me tell a little bit of their love :-)

  • i forgot to say in my above story that i nominate my husband and myself….i started out by saying that i would have nominated my parents had they still been living, but meant to say instead i will nominate mark and myself. in reading all the wonderful stories, i realize that i didn’t actually type that part…i nominate….

    laurie m.

  • I’m nominating myself and my husband, Kristie and Tom. We met in 2006 and we met online through Yahoo! Personals. We lived less than a mile apart when we met. The REALLY crazy thing though is that I have his mom’s old job at the same library and he has his dad’s old job for the USDA. Kinda creepy, unless you believe in miracles. I know I do. I’ve got a keeper.

    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/kdonelson/status/296766243065704448

    kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  • I nominate my parents! They are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and I would love to get them a giant canvas of their wedding day photo! My mother would absolutely flip for one of those. They are still crazy in love after all these years!

  • I pinned this on Pinterest (and I followed you, too!).


  • I am nominating myself and my fiancé! We have been together now for almost 4 years and dating for almost 5. We met playing World of Warcraft on the computer and never saw eachother for over 2 years, just talked everyday endlessly. That is how we fell in love and got to know eachother very well. We are best friends and I am now the greatest step mommy to his 5 year old son.

    thank you!

  • I repined on pinterest! Thanks again <3

  • I would love to win this for me and my husband. We met when we were like 11, we ended up camping at the same campground and became best friends. We started dating when we were about 13 (this is around the time he got permission from my mother to marry me)but living in diffrent states and only seeing eachother on the weekends we broke up :( but through the years we stayed friends and saw each other occasionally. In 2007 he joined the Navy and i flew from colorado (where i was living at the time) to NJ to spend a week with him before boot camp. Then we lost touch for a a little while. In the spring of 2008 we reconnected and talked all the time. In august i realized i wanted to spend my life with him, he came to visit me for Labor Day weekend and i didnt want to let him go. two short months later he flew out again and we got married surrounded by butterflys. Two years later we found out we were pregnant! Then we also found out he was going to be deployed when i was about 6 months along, he missed our first son being born, but fortunately was home when he was 6 weeks old (which also was about 5 days before christmas!) At this moment we have been married over 4 years and are currently expecting our second baby in May, which should be amazing to hae my hunny around for!

  • I would like to nominate myself and my husband. We will have been married for a year in March. I know he loves canvas art, but it is too expensive for us. We can’t really afford any nice art from our wedding photos as we are both students. I would love to surprise him with this!

    • It cut off the rest of my comment. I also told our love story. Here is our story from both our perspectives:

      Brian’s Story:

      I’m sure everyone is curious about how Kasey and I met and fell in love. Well, the story starts off with my seeing Kasey’s profile on a dating site called http://www.plentyoffish.com. I sent her a message. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t expecting a response from Kasey, but to my surprise she did respond which started our journey towards becoming husband and wife. After exchanging emails and chatting through yahoo messenger, I asked Kasey out to eat at Chili’s restaurant. We met at Books-a-million and gave each other a gentle hug, which seemed to put her and me at ease with one another. From the moment we got into the car and started talking I had a strong hunch that she was the woman I had been waiting for. I even drove by the Chili’s restaurant 4 times because I was distracted by the conversation I was having with this beautiful and smart woman. We finally arrived at Chili’s and continued our conversation like we were long lost friends reconnecting. After the date was over, I instantly asked her out on another date. We were officially a couple less than one week later. We continued dating and fell in love with each other. Even early on in our relationship, we found out how alike we think. We can even complete each other’s sentences and thoughts. This led to the following year of me asking Kasey to be my wife. I can’t wait to share and spend the rest of my life with her.

      Kasey’s Story:

      Brian has pretty much told the whole story, but I wanted to elaborate about my side of the events. I actually wasn’t seriously looking for anyone when I got Brian’s message and school was taking over at the time. I did not respond to him for almost two weeks. Eventually I had some time to spare and thought I would peruse his profile. Even though at 29, I thought he was a bit old for me, he seemed like a nice guy. I messaged him back. We started chatting, one thing led to another and Brian asked me out. He hugged me when we met and any nervousness melted away. After missing the turn for Chili’s a few times, we had a lovely meal and a great conversation. It was the best date I had ever been on, so of course I accepted his invitation for another date. We were a couple within two weeks of our first chat and we have been inseparable ever since. As Brian was my first boyfriend, I know I didn’t have much to compare him to, but I consider myself lucky to have found him on my first try at a relationship. As our courtship continued, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He asked me to marry him the day after graduated, in front of his family. I said yes. I look forward to spending my life with my best friend.

  • My husband, Mike, and I met because we lived in the same apartment complex. I had just come out of a messy engagement breakup relationship and just wanted a rebound guy so I could move on with my life. Mike and I ended up becoming really good friends and started dating. I had absolutely no friends who supported me dating Mike. Mike didn’t believe in the same things as I did and he was nothing like my ex. They worried about me, which I appreciated, but I didn’t agree with them. Mike was perfect for me. He never argued with me and he loved me for who I was, two major things that my ex never did or believed.

    Well, it’s been years since Mike and I first met each other. We were married and now have two kids. I’m so glad that things worked out as well as they did, despite what my friends were telling me. And I’m so glad I still have those friends in my life and they now realize they were wrong. :)

    And I shared/posted on FB.

  • I am nominating my cousin Laura and her husband. They are fit together like a story book romance. They love unconditional, are best friends and have the love I want to look for. They have 2 beautiful girls and throughout money troubles, a new child and a move they are stronger than ever.

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